This project is deprecated and not being developed anymore

Fribbtastic-API is the reworked daraku-mal-api I started developing in January 2014 because I needed a reliable backend for my Plex MALAgent I started developing in 2013. In August 2015 after over 6000 anime entries in the database the API broke since it was not reliable but more a fat prototype I decided to write it new and improve it.

The API is a RESTFUL Webservice with a website scraper for provides information for anime and manga and helps you to manage your own lists. The API parses these information on user-request into either XML or JSON format. The following URLs are available

  • http://yourTomcat:port/fribbtastic-api/services/anime?id=animeID
  • http://yourTomcat:port/fribbtastic-api/services/anime?s=Bleach
  • http://yourTomcat:port/fribbtastic-api/services/version


You probably need a MyAnimeList user_agent and a TheTVDB API key which you can enter into the file in the src/main/resources folder.

This API uses a MYSQL Database with JPA as cache to limit the requests made to which are unfortunately a lot. (1 for each search, 1 for detailed information, 1 for Pictures, 1 for each 100 episodes.) The Animes are cached for 7 days and is adjustable in the file.


No Download but you can checkout the project from the sourceforge project page